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With a new single in the works, London’s Jason Mercer Band is ready to hit the country scene in a big way. After over a decade in the music business, the singer/songwriter has found himself on a new path, one that has him front and centre. And it’s been a long time coming.

Known for bridging genres as the former frontman of both rock band Metro4,and country group Them Dang Rattlers, Mercer’s tastes continue to be eclectic, something that continues to be apparent in his work, even today. Now, the singer/songwriter has struck out on his own with his latest track I Choose You, encompassing a story that came from a very personal place. “It’s basically about a person who is nomadic — they travel here and there and move place to place, but at the end of the day they come home to the person they’re meant to be with,” he explained. “After travelling the world and living that life, they choose love.” Writing from the heart is nothing new for the musician, whose songs continue to draw from memories, feelings, and conversations.

Drawing inspiration from the harmony-rich sound of The Eagles, and the storytelling lyricism of Tom Petty, it’s clear Mercer holds himself to a high standard, creating music with meaning. “No matter what, music always makes you feel something,” he said, adding even as a little kid, listening to his favourite artists would move him in a more profound way than anything else. “For me, that’s what makes it so important.” Backed by a band made up of decade-long friends and colleagues, Mercer continues to be an ever-present fixture in the local music scene, ready to prove hard work and due diligence pays off.

Tour Dates

June 16th – London Beer & BBQ Show

June 24th – Lexus Charity Golf Classic Gala